The Cuban Cardio has devoted over 35 years of its life to the health and fitness industry. Its passion is simple, to support others to be the healthiest and fittest they have ever been.

One thing is certain with the Cuban Cardio and that is that no one training session will ever be the same. Designed specifically for you each time you meet the Cuban Cardio for training you can be assured of a bespoke workout that targets the areas you want to improve.

The Cuban Cardio style combines the knowledge obtained from Masters in Sport Science to educate, motivate and inspire every client it works with. In a training session with the Cuban Cardio you will laugh, dance, exercise and workout hard, that is why its founder has well deserved his nickname of “The Crazy Cuban”. Our clients cannot believe how much fun they have training with the Cuban Cardio. The Cuban Cardio is today by far the most popular personal training program in all of West London, with public classes fully booked out. Independently recognised for its expertise and determination, the Cuban Cardio knows exactly how to inspire group participants, individuals and clients to change their old habits so that they can live in total health and well-being for the rest of their lives.

The Cuban Cardio continuously develops training and nutrition programmes for juniors in preparation for the Olympics and other major UK events. As a professional fitness expet, elite global master trainer, the crazy Cuban Cardio loves to share its experience and knowledge with others, that’s why those wanting to compete themselves select the Cuban Cardio training system to learn from the Master. For them we provide full training for education profesional training, modelling figures, bikini, beach body and natural body building competitions. sport specific, Pro athletes and special population. The Cuban Cardio still regularly competes and wins trophies and present at several events, World Tour, Grand Prix events in health and fitness, sports specifics, natural bodybuilding, modelling and fitness physique.

It was all this talent that lead Lazaro the crazy Cuban Cardio to be selected as a regular fitness presenter on the Sky Active Channel, co-founder of the Kettleblast Training System, presenter of the Kettleblast Training DVD as well as being a published author with feature articles in Health and Fitness magazines. including LA muscle, Flex, Muscle Developement, Muscle & Fitness, Slim Fit, Beef Bodybuilding and several other online magazines. 

The Cuban Cardio amazing training programmes will get you lean and fit with safe, effective and fast results! Those based in London can gain direct access to the Cuban Cardio workouts to join many and varied health and fitness programmes. For anyone outside London and worldwide, many of the short fitness programmes are featured on this site which are great for burning fat, burning calories and getting you into shape fast. 

You can catch the Cuban Cardio right here.