Course Structure

This course is broken down into a number of different modules as listed below. Each of these must be completed successfully in order for you to become a World Class Cuban Cardio Kettleblast Instructor.


Course Modules

  • Kettleblast Instructor Training Introduction

The Kettleblast Instructor Training Course is supported by a detailed Manual and Student Support Pack which you will receive after booking your course or can download on our website. These are very important, please bring them to the practical Training Day as your tutor might not have additional copies. We recommend you read the manual and Student Support Pack before the practical training day to familiarise with the training and assessment requirements and criteria.

Both the Manual and the Student Support Pack can be downloaded at:

  • Instructor Training Course Manual                                                 

This contains all information about Kettleblast training from the Kettleblast History to the illustrated description of the main drills and techniques, all you need to know to become a Kettleblast Instructor. We recommend you have a good read of the manual before the training day, it will help and prepare you with the training itself.

Student Support Pack:

  • Student Support Pack contains:
  • Tutor and Learner agreement,
  • Course Terms and Conditions,
  • Equal Opportunities and Appeal Procedures,
  • Quality Assurance,
  • Learner Support and Customer Service contacts 
  • Pre-Course Instructions, Reading and Activities,
  • Training Day Timetable and
  • Information about the venue,
  • Assessment Instructions and Criteria,
  • Deferral and referral guidelines,
  • Course CPD points and the
  • National Occupational Standard guidelines.

It also has the following forms:

  • PAR-Q
  • Kettleblast Healthy and Safe Participation and Course Disclaimer
  • These need to be completed and signed by the learner and handed to the tutor during registration on the training day to be countersigned.
  • The Kettleblast Instructor Training Evaluation Form will need to be completed, signed and countersigned at the end of the training day.

Instructor Training Course Theory Questionnaire

You will need to complete the Theory Questionnaire, usually presented as a multiple choice questionnaire, and hand it to your tutor on the Training Day. You need to achieve a pass rate of at least 80% to pass this module.

The process for completing the Cuban Cardio Training is as follows:

  • complete and pass the Theory Questionnaire
  • attend the Practical Training Day and pass the practical assessment
  • allow up to 14 days for your results to be entered into the system and 28 to receive your Certificate.

The Training Course features numerous drills and activities designed to familiarise you with the programme as a whole, the exercises and variations, workout health and safety procedures, how to effectively deliver teaching point and more. It is also a great way to share your experience with others instructors.