The Cuban Cardio Training has contributed to change and improve the life of many, from total beginners in the fitness world to Pro - Athletes so, whether you are new to the gym or an experienced professional, I will help you challenge your body with a variety of training methods that will take your progress to the next level and beyond. By supporting your training with effective weight management techniques, I will ensure your dream results, no matter how big or small, will become a reality. We are passionate about what we do and I love to transmit this passion to others. 

Why Training with me?

Everyone is different and knowing this is the reason why we achieve such great results. The ability to design conclusions from an initial consultation focusing on training, diet, fitness, rest, recovery, maintenance and therapies allows us to build a deep configuration of every particular individual, this is why we have made it compulsory induction, health checks, fitness assessments and body composition for anyone joining the Cuban Cardio Training Program. Although our programs are supported by fundamental techiques and scientifically proven methods, skills of effective training variables (Intensity,repetitions, tempos, rest periods and loads) within a combination of the whole fitness elements, functional training, body conditioning and fat loss, they all mixed provide the stimulus for clients to achieve great results. From the training cardiovascular perspective, we use the most efficient styles of training to best achieve the physiological adaptions and progression required, and the ability to use the proven science behind the training with great fun and dynamic format means the sessions are 100% always enjoyable, achievable, safe and effective. Every aspect of the experience has been thought about, no matter how, what, type are your goals, and is designed to support you and help your successes, and reduce the stress busy life. All you need to do is start now.

We pride ourself on having the ability to appeal to a cross- sections of people with bespoke high quality service thus being able to draw comparison to top world classes, exclusive, unique and athletic brands, every aspect of the experience has been thought about and is deigned to support you main goals. The Cuban Cardio have been very successful in the sports and fitness industry for over 35 years and as a consequence has seen many success stories including involvements in producing a number of champions, we deliver a wide rage of sport specific training and fitness master classes, workshops, seminars, grand prix events, charity, and voluntary works.

The Cuban Cardio training programmes are often featured in fitness magazines while training techniques and tips can be seen on the active channel on Sky and Satellite broadcasting for over 190 Countries. We love to help others to achieve their goals, not to judge but to figure out if someone deserve something. Our passion is to lift the fallen, to build and to restore the broken and to heal a pain in a friendly, fun and enjoyable atmosphere while exercising anytime, anywhere, for everyone.

  • Get confident
  • Expand life expectancy
  • Improve your lifestyle
  • Look and feel better
  • Be in a better mood and reduce stress
  • Be more positive, energetic and enthusiastic
  • Be more productive and improve performance
  • Discover who you are and Live your dreams

Lazaro the Cuban Cardio has devoted over 35 years to his career and passion which is helping others improve their health and fitness, The Cuban Cardio is incredible at motivating his clients and making sure they become the best, the most healthiest and fittest they have ever been. The Cuban Cardio makes sure that each single training session is highly personalised and will never be repeated, each workout targets the areas you want to improve and is designed to suit your indidual andspecfic needs.