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Get Fit With Latin Spirit!

Join the KettleBLAST Team and become an official KettleBlast Master!

It is a fun and enjoyable way to increase fat loss and burn excess calories. The Kettleblast workout is designed to tone and shape every muscle in your body, as well as keeping you healthy, all in short HIIT-High intermittent interval training workouts. Kettleblast is an unique, fun, energising workout that enables you to achieve your drea body while dancing and having fun! 

The Cuban Cardio KettleBLAST Training System was launched as a home fitness DVD in 2011 and sold out many times in more than 190 countries worldwide. Wherever you are and whatever fitness class you teach, someone is waiting to take a KettleBLAST class near you!

Here is your chance to become an official KettlBLAST master and fill your training, classes or Club with members that want to lose weight and sculpt their body, FAST!

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