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It is a fun and enjoyable way to increase fat loss and burn excess calories. The KettleBlast workout is designed to tone and shape every muscle in your body, as well as keeping you healthy, all in short intermittent, HIIT interval workouts. KettleBlast is an unique, fun, energising workout that enables you to achieve your drea body while dancing and having fun! 

The Cuban Cardio KettleBLAST Training System was launched as a home fitness DVD in 2010 and sold out many times in more than 190 countries worldwide. Wherever you are and whatever fitness class you teach or do , someone is waiting to take a KettleBLAST class near you!

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Introductory KettleBlast Master Class

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Get Fit With Latin Spirit!

KettleBLAST takes its name from the Russian-USA research on the kettlebell training. The KettleBLAST Training System is a version of intermittent training combined with HIIT that is based around the findings of renowned Cuban Cardio workouts developed over the last 35 years. It is a dynamic and energetic, whole body workout with a unique formula that allows weight loss and muscle toning.

Benefits of the Kettle BLAST Training:

The combination of traditional kettlebell drills with new, more challenging moves, in a 4 minute HIIT blast of 20 seconds work and 10 seconds active rest as the core of the class, makes it a workout your clients will not be able to forget very quickly, even if they tried to!

The benefits of a Kettleblast Training session will last well after the workout is completed and your clients have returned home. The HIIT Blast formula is scientifically proven to burn calories for hours after the workout so your body remains a fat burning furnace even when you are sleeping, contributing to a leaner body. The Cuban Cardio Kettleblast Training System has been used to help improve the fitness of Olympics, Pro competitors, Bodybuilders and modelling physiques, proven to be the fastest and most effective ultimate training system to build, sculpt, tone and define the body shape, giving you the dream winning body you always wished for.

Kettleblast Training encourages core strength working on muscles of the lower back, glutes and hamstrings. The weakness of these muscles is, in most cases, the cause of the common lower back pain associated with modern life style. The core strength will also be targeted with specific abdominal and core strength exercises towards the end of the workout.

Another area of common injury and pain is the shoulders. Again, the rotator cuff muscles that stabilise the shoulder joint are activated and strengthened by the main Kettleblast drills such as one and two arm swing.

Other benefits include: 

  • Improves cardiovascular health that helps combat obesity and related conditions like diabetes
  • Increases strength and muscle mass 
  • Improves power, maximal and explosive strength 
  • Increases Vo2 Max and conditioning 

It’s all about the BLAST!

Golder rules of the KettleBLAST training:

B – be there for your class – teach them as a class of individuals! Make each person feel like you are teaching to them, give alternatives, make eye contact, try to learn names, walking around helps, be early to class to have a quick chat, have five minutes after class (outside of the studio so next class can come in to chat and give feedback).

L – layers - break it down, teach in layers, this can be breaking down a move or a link of moves, progress over the weeks.

A – Assurance, reassure – give permission to your class participants to rest if needed you don’t want injuries, but motivate them to keep going if they can, maybe they can do it without the bell if getting tired, tell them each week gets easier and they will be able to do the whole class with the bell, if they struggle with the moves, reassure it will come

S – safety – this includes putting mats where you want them to ensure you space the class properly, enforce bells stay on the mat when not being used, safe lifting and passing from hand to hand – use teaching points to reinforce

T – travel -  Walk around – be involved with your class, give them a high five (if you feel appropriate depends of client don’t make them feel uncomfortable), make eye contact, use their names, watch their posture, without head mike give feedback.


What keeps your clients wanting to come back to your class over and over is the excitement and mood enhancing feel the Latin Spirit brings to this workout!

The KettleBLAST workout is based on Latin music which brings a whole new flavour to the hard work and will make it a lot more fun. The sounds of Latin rhythms, the colourful beats of Latin Spirit and sexy moves will spice up the class giving it the feel good factor right from the start.

So why do a Latin dance class, a HIIT class, a core stability class, a strength and conditioning class and then spend more time lifting weights to cut and shape your body when you can have it all in one?

The Cuban Cardio KettleBLAST Instructor Training Course is supported by a detailed manual and Student Support Pack which will guide you through the Kettleblast Training Course learning.  All instructors will also receive a complimentary DVD featuring the main KettleBLAST drills, a kettlebell to get you started before the training course day and an official Cuban Cardio KettleBLAST T-shirt as a thank you from our team for choosing us as your teaching provider.

Wishing you all the best!

Get Fit With Latin Spirit!

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