Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training

Personal Training is not only about one-to-one sessions with a client that wants to achieve a specific fitness goal. Whether you are a professional athlete or a sportsperson, a model, an actor, bodybuilder or an average person, a world class Personal Trainer needs to be a ‘jack of all trades’ to cater for all individuals and their different needs, goals and dreams. From being highly qualified to being amazing motivator, excellent communicator and invaluable supporter in those moments when you feel you just want to give it all up, a competent Personal Trainer needs to be prepared to fulfil all these functions.

Lazaro the Cuban Cardio cover all these fields having matured skills, knowledge and experience over 35 years. So if you are lacking in motivation, energy or a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, if you are tired of the same routine and bored of your weekly workout, if you feel you need a shake up in the shape of a Cuban Cardio style HiiET, a Kettleblast Training or a wild Zumba session...then You Need Some Cuban Cardio Medication!  and Get fit with Latin Spirt.

Lazaro The Cuban Cardio is an Elite world class Personal Training Programme and advanced Kettlebell Training. Recognised Endorce Training Provider.

Lazaro The Cuban Cardio delivers a wide range of sports and fitness classes, workshops, seminars, grand prix events, charity and voluntary work. The Cuban Cardio  attributes also include teaching Kettleblast training, professional HIIET, Aerobics, Spinning, Cycling, Weight lifting & Bodypump, Core Stability Swiss ball training, Latin Dance, Zumba, Mix Martial Arts, Pilates, Bodybuilding, Strength & Conditioning Training classes and also Certified Nutrition Weight Management specialist.

Lazaro The Cuban Cardio has been very successful in the sports and fitness industry for over 35 years and has been involved in producing a number of champions. As a former athlete and champion, and has been continuously developing training programmes and nutrition for juniors in preparation for the Olympics and major UK events. It is also well known in the bodybuilding industry and health & Fitness, regularly competes at Nationals and International Events, Grand Prix, and shows.

The Cuban Cardio training programmes are very often featured in magazines such as LA Muscle, The Beef Bodybuilding, Muscle & Fitness. Men and Fitness, Ultra fit and Online magazines. The Cuban Cardio's training techniques and tips can be seen on The Active Channel "SKY and satellite broadcasting over 192 countries. Click here to view some training fitness programme and view lazaro's mind blowing fitness exercises routines:

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