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What is salsa?

Is it a dance, a recipe or a sauce? In the Spanish language, salsa means ‘sauce’, as if to emphasise all the different genres of ‘ingredients’ that make up salsa music and dance using the spiciness common in Latin and Caribbean cuisine.

Salsa dancing is the style of dance associated with salsa music originating sometime around the 1950s to 1970s with the distinctive salsa music coming from New York around the 1970s. The music fuses together a number of styles, particularly Cuban styles like the son but also styles from other Latin American countries such as Puerto Rico.

During the 1940s the music in New York was heavily influenced by Cuban musicians but with Fidel coming to power the diplomatic relations fell and Puerto Rican musicians took over.

Today, the salsa coming from Cuba takes the name of Timba. This style of salsa has a fast tempo with a strong afro-cuban influence. Cuban songs often talk about love and patriotism, they start slow, break into a main salsa rhythm then settle into a beautiful call and response pattern. The back vocals repeat the same response whilst the lead singer improvises…..ahi na ma!

Cuban Timba often incorporates other rhythms like rap, Reggae and hip hop. The combination of these styles bring to life some extraordinary rhythms which are incredibly fun to dance to. Cuban dancers normally step back from a close embrace and indulge in rhythmic middle body shudders and head-turning buttock shakes. All these movements originate from afro-cuban rumba. Contact us for more information.

Has the Cuban Cardio Salsa Bug bitten you yet?

In the Cuban Cardio Salsa Master class we will put all the above into action building up a variety of steps and moves that will bring the temperature up until you are warm them hot, and very hot hot!

Dancing is a great way of exercising, toning, burning fat, losing weight, reduce the risk of rheuma, arttitis, osteoporosis , cardio-vascular illiness, blood presure, circulation illiness, plus building confidence, and feeling on top of the world. The buzz of such a training class is more than you will ever experience in any other fitness class. If you have never participated in a Cuban Cardio salsa style class then NOW is the time! Once you have relaxed and come over your initial nerves of moving your feet to the rhythm and flavour of Latin music, you will forget all about your stress, frustrations, bad moods, worries and let your body do the talking. Allow yourself to melt into the heat and spice of the colourful beats and dance yourself fit like never before, into shape. Come on, join us……you know you want to get into shape!

Before attending the Cuban Cardio salsa Masterclasses

All participants are expected to:

  • Arrive on time and wear comfortable clothing and footwear that allow movement
  • Behave responsibly and respectfully towards other participants
  • Bring a water bottle to stay hydrated and a small towel
  • Take full responsibility of their health during class.
  • Prior to participating, you are asked to fill in a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) available on the Cuban Cardio website and bring it in on the day. We expect the PARQ to be clear. Please check with your GP before attending the class if you have any concerns about your health and bring in a signed consent note if necessary.
  • Take full responsibility of their belongings during class. Depending on the venue, lockers and changing rooms will be available.

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What to expect during the CubanCardio Salsa Masterclasses

  • The Cuban Cardio salsa masterclasses have a duration of 60 minutes
  • Introduction of salsa music and rhythms
  • A friendly, non-intimidating atmosphere. No need to be shy or worried about two left feet, we are all here to have fun and learn
  • Explanation, demonstration and execution of basic salsa steps and turns
  • Dancing alone and in pairs, with other participants 
  • Enjoying the experience and having mastered the basic salsa steps and turns while exercise having fun 

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