Personal Training


"I am a Surgeon Doctor and I love fitness. The Cuban Cardio has helped me personally achieve many goals. It helped me enter the fitness modelling category at FAME UK 2010 where I placed in the top 5.
It showed me that anything can be achieved if you put your mind and heart to it and organise yourself appropriately.”

Amir Ardakani

"With the Cuban Cardio professional help, I was transformed from an average mother of two, to a figure class competitor for BNBF and NPA in 2009 in only 6 month, complete of a sixpack that many guys in the gym envied.
I took 2nd place in my first competition and went on to compete the following year placing within the first 6.
I highly recommend the Cuban Cardio as there is no other type of workout and training like it. I love it.”

Lina Geraci

"The Difference Cuban Cardio training programme has made has been incredible, since following the Cuban Cradio nutrition and exercises programme I have transformed my body and impacted other areas of my life. Thanks amigo, I can’t thank you enough."

Graham Hathaway

"I have always done aerobics so even in the picture, but only aerobics can’t shape and tone you to that extent. Thanks amigo and Cuban Cardio again for my training and diet schedule."

Melinda Elekes

"I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying your workouts, they’re interesting and challenging, and I appreciate how encouraging and motivating your training style is. Cuban Cardio and Kettleblast is more than I’d hoped for! I am still undefeated World Champion."

Alberto Mina 

"I appreciate the interest, dedication and motivation of Cuban Cardio and Kettleblast training, thank you so much. Here are my results after 4 weeks of Cuban Cardio training: 7.5 lbs gone, 5.5 inches gone, 1% body fat gone. Jeans that were too tight to breathe in are now loose. I’m also seeing changes in the areas that you can never hit in traditional workouts back fat/bra bulge and that little area in front of the arms by your armpit. I enjoy  the training sessions very much. I am a single mum, I started right form 0 and went on to competing in Bikini Fitness events UKBFF, IBFF, BNBF, I’ll let you know results of the next events and weeks. Thanks so much!"

Liz LKFitness 

A classic apple shape my current stats  and after following the Cuban Cardio and Kettleblast training for Body sculpt fat Loss Programme, I wasn't sure what kind of results to get there. It’s been very exciting so far, and I’m totally pumped to keep going, now that I have the tools and guidelines! Thanks again for all of your help and encouragement. I’ll definitely keep focus.

Caroline Torres

"I totally love my waist and stomach, it has been years, probably since I was in my mid-20’s, since they looked so good. I am a single mother and I have dropped down almost 6% in body fat percentage since the beginning of the Cuban Cardio training! I am hot! I am spanish! Smile, exercise, have fun!  Thanks for all your help, I will be on stage competing again soon."


"Thanks for the Cuban Cardio workout and Kettleblast Training, I am already leaned down. Working out with Cuban Cardio I feel like a missile , it’s only been few weeks. The most amazing thing is that it sculpts and defines overall the whole body. This is simply from a small diet improvement, walking, HIIT and your passion. We’re very impressed so far, we can’t wait to get started on the next phase!"

Carlos Acosta 

"I have been training personally and training people. We did the workout "Wow Cuban Cardio" and feel like "WOW This is really good.” So, are you ready to lose weight, for that lean, toned body you’ve always wanted in just few weeks? Then lets get fit with the Cuban Cardio!"

Hector Milian 

"I can’t tell how much I’m enjoying the Cuban Cardio, it has changed my life! Super workouts, they’re simply great. I have completed and won all the fitness challenge tests in my gym, from cardio to strength, I have reached my cosmetic goals, and I appreciate the passion and the energy Cuban Cardio training is about! It's more than I’d hoped for!"

Dagmara Sygmunt 

"I really love the Cuban Cardio! Are you ready to be in the best shape of your life...?
I was so happy with the results that I committed to another workout straight away. I have also learned to eat a healthy diet and how to make smart food choices. I have no hesitation in recommending the Cuban Cardio it has the unique qualities necessary for the working basis of all type of clients, including high profile ones. The Cuban Cardio has always been friendly, fun, cooperative, confidential and flexible."

Joaquin Cortes

They Cuban Cardio was an inspiration and has also given me the oppurtunity of feature in the Kettleblast Training System. I was fat, then I started working out with the Cuban Cardio. With its carefully tailored sessions, I was able to start looking and feeling amazigly beautiful in just few weeks.What can I say that hasn't already been said? I am a champion and a role model, walking embodiment of the sound mind sound body principle. 

Cindy Lescister 

As a restaurant manager surrounded by food and drinks choices all the time, working horrendous hours, staying at work until 6am, I was feeling tired and out of shape, in need of some strong motivation. Inspired by the Cuban Cardio training programme, in less than 12 weeks I was looking pretty good and was improving with my cardiovascular training and building up body tone, sculpting my body and incresing my stamina, strength and endurance. The training combined with the Cuban Cardio nutrition and weight management advices were the key components to my success.


I didn't have proper knowledge and everybody looked so good on stage. I didn't know how to pose, what to do and had no smile. That was a disaster! Thank you for looking after me. I was disappointed with my self on the other hand, I went there on my own, didn't know anything or anybody and had no idea on how I should have been prepared.

I met you guys in 2009, in Miami Pro. That was the first time I went for a contest. I remeber how scared I was, alone, no friends no support, and then you guys helped me. I never forget that!!!.

I am a single mum with more responsibilities, less time, and more stress because of that. I know it is all about motivation, I now understand the purpose of getting ready for a contest, Now I have a bit more experience and I am focused. Just to feel confident I want to ask you always for help and coaching, I want my dream to come true!!! Now I am in perfect physical condition, obviously I want to win, but never understand why, I want it. Now I know what it means to be ready for a contest, is to be the best version of my self and I am ready for it! Thank you Cuban Cardio, you made my day!!

Kasia Gazda

With a classic no-shape body and the need to lose body fat, I knew I couldn't accomplish that in just two weeks with little exercise experience under my belt. The Cuban Cardio programme started steadfast in my determination to handle all that, unlike some other people, fit people. It was fantastic! I welcomed the diet and the exercises programme, I did not feel deprived at all. After years of physical inactivity, depression and stress, thanks to the Cuban Cardio programme I am on may to achieving my final fitness goals and dream, to walk.


I was 145 kg and now 91 kg. Thanks to the Cuban Cardio programme, a challenge at first but once I found the balance, I was off to the race of looking fit and feel good. I carried a lot of excess fat with no shape, but increasing my fitness with the Cuban Cardio programme combining nutrition advice and resistance training, brought about impressive results. Now I am pumped and staying focused on looking better with more muscle and less fat. I am very proud of my results thank you to the Cuban Cardio training programme.