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Cuban Cardio Mission

Get fit, be strong..Never Give up!....

Shape-Up Without The Gym

Fitness Athlete Trains Full Body with Mr Lazaro Cuban Cardio 

Full-Body Workout Fast Results

Fitness Athlete Trains Full Body with Mr Lazaro Cuban Cardio

TRX -ABS Ultra-define Look

TRX-ABS workout with top trainer Mr Lazaro of Cuban Cardio

Live & Breath Fitness

Be strong and never give up...

Get Fit With Latin Spirit

your brain power skyrocket and blood sugar number plummet...

KettleBlast Training

Learn the skills, become a master 

The Lion Rock

The Cuban Cardio Boxing Training Session challenge motivation goals 

A Big Dose of Bad Medicine

Fat loss program muscle growth with addiction of Rock'n Roll workout

Fat loss Programme

4 weeks programme fat loss eassy bits 

Real Fitness II

A very effective Back workout 

Kettlebells Training III

more action and eassy 3D your body machine training.

Crazy Cuban ABS Training

Be fit BE strong 

The man from Havana

From Havana Cuba with Love and Passion for Fitness 

Salsa fitness

Learn the best salsa step and get fit with latin spirit 

kettlebell training II

Whole Body Workout balistic drills kettlebells training 

kettlebell training I

Beginner Kettlebells training whole body workout 

Arms workout

The best and unique way Arms blast Workout

Live the dream

Faster, stronger, fitter workout 

Total body workout synergistic training

Amazing calories burn workout 

Build-Tone-Sculpt Psychometric IV

Shape and tone effective quick results 

Build-Tone-Sculpt Plyometric

Sculpt your dream body 

High Impact

Incredible fast loss program increase fitness level 

Resistance Training

Reduce one size dress fast results 

Swiss ball training II

Fat loss core programme amzaing workout 

Swiss ball training

the best way of fat loss exercises program

Latin Spirit

Reduce the risk of deppression, stress, obesity and more